Södertälje Konsthall


Public Art

Södertälje konsthall produces the public art of Södertälje municipality. Sometimes the public art of the city manifests as an artwork at a local riding club, another time an artwork is commissioned outdoors by a centrally located school or a newly built youth centre. Today, public art in Sweden has a tendency to be defined as less permanent, sometimes the requirements for durability is even less than ten years, and at times public art is even invited to be temporal but commissioned for a specific site. “The one percent rule” is actually not a rule but a practice to use one percent of the entrepreneur costs towards art when a new public building is built or rebuilt. The one-percent rule has been used since the 1930’s in Sweden and in Södertälje it has made many public artworks possible.


Art Collection

Södertälje municipality owns a collection with more than 6000 items of art. The collection is to be seen in office spaces, schools, pre-schools, nursing homes that belong to Södertälje municipality.

Södertälje konsthall takes care of the collection. We administrate loans and support help with re-hanging of the collection.