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14/05, 12:00

Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena-Better Shelter

Saturday 14 May at 3 pm, Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena will present the exhibition in a conversation with Joanna Sandell, director of Sodertälje konsthall.

The exhibition shows most newly produced works of art. Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena was born in 1971 in Montevideo, Uruguay and came to Sweden in the late 1970s as a refugee. He was placed in a refugee camp in Moheda which consisted of modular houses, in a typical 70s way with furnishings from IKEA. IKEA has continued to develop its concept from the furniture in the barracks in the 1970s to the Better Shelter project. Better Shelter is a modular house that is delivered in flat packages to disaster areas around the world. Here, the refugee no longer becomes a person in need of protection, but a person who can become better at being a refugee. In Södertalje konsthall, the contents of the IKEA packaging have been removed, the boxes we see have been transformed into abstract paintings and the objects are no longer important.

14/05, 12:00

Portal: In Portal: Cristián Valdés – Tierra 

On Saturday 14 May at 1 pm, Cristián Valdés will present the exhibition in a conversation with Maja-Lena Molin, curator. In Chile – two great natural wonders are brought together: the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Andes mountain range in the west. Here we invite you to northern Chile’s part of the Andes, through Cristián Valdé’s photographs.

Cristián Valdés was born in 1965 in Viña del Mar. The photographs are the result of several trips to northern Chile.